Family-generationsAt Sunmark, educating and helping our members with their individual financial situations is very important to us.   We pride ourselves in being able to help our members with these free services:

Review of Credit

You probably know that it’s important to review your credit report once each year.  This will help prevent errors that could lead to a lower credit score (and higher rates on loans), and can even protect you against identity theft.

While some sites offer this service for free, Sunmark goes one step further!  Sunmark not only offers you a free credit report, but also the opportunity to review your report with one of our knowledgeable staff.  Our trusted consultants can explain each item on your credit report, which can be overwhelming to navigate on your own.

In addition, because the representative you meet with has experience reviewing credit reports, they can help identify which loans or credit cards on your report might be able to be consolidated into a lower-rate loan – which can save you money and help you pay down your monthly bills more quickly.


As a member-oriented financial institution and community organization, Sunmark is dedicated to helping you realize your financial goals – reducing your debt, saving for education, buying your first home, or planning for retirement. We partner with the BALANCE Financial Fitness Program to provide a benefit to give you private, convenient counseling about what matters most – and can at times be difficult to talk about.

BALANCE is a financial fitness program offered for FREE to all employees of our affiliated employer group. Open extended hours, BALANCE offers information and advice to anyone who has questions about their finances.

It’s not just for people with financial troubles – everyone has questions at times when they’re faced with a major purchase or life event, and that’s when BALANCE can help.  BALANCE counselors can not only help you work through debt, but they can also advise you of what type of loan is best for you, what retirement accounts are available (and best for your needs), or even help establish a budget for people who want to tighten their spending.

Call 888-456-2227 or visit BALANCE online for more information.

BALANCE services include:

  • InfoLine: Certified counselors who provide help over the phone
  • Money Management Counseling: Pre-scheduled sessions to help with finances or create a budget
  • Debt Management: Speak with a counselor who can help develop a Debt Management Plan to get you back on track
  • Housing Counseling: For first time homebuyers or those who need advice on their existing mortgage
  • Nationwide Non-Profit Organization Referral Database: To refer members to organizations for further assistance
  • Online Education: A library of materials for research on your own